Hello , thank you for taking the time to meet me.

I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to you for a long time, but I have been stuck in FEAR, PROCRASTINATING.

I have always enjoyed journaling and reading everything and anything. . Especially when I was younger. As you grow up life happens to you. Its almost as if you kind of lose track of the things you really enjoyed ( I did speaking for myself!) . I accumulate new habits some good some not so productive but its all a learning curve. Then one day as if you’ve hit your head or was struck by lightning you remember your first love and you dare to lift up the pen and write and see and feel what‘s actually in There.

This has led to me finally meeting you!

I hope to encourage and share the challenges we all come across in our walks of life. Through my own eyes or flipping the coin begin to see the other side or even dare to think outside the so called box 📦 

I think within this current pandemic,

Covid -19. Have you had it?

are you shielding…are you scared?

have you lost someone from it?

how are you coping with isolation?

should children go back to school?

Then there protest every where around the world. Black lives matter!! or all lives matter? then you have the ozone layer…. Do we all take public transport or do we have a right to enjoy driving our own vehicle.

What about the next generation??

Hence the reason  I am stepping out of my comfort zone to do this blog.

I feel we all have a voice and this is mine.

I am nowhere near perfect,  in fact go easy on me….sorry for any mistakes or grammar I am just trying to be heard.

I hope you come back so we can pick up where we paused 

Perhaps peel off some of the layers and look at some of the issues i’ve mentioned.

Or even raise some new ones.

Welcome to my blog Issues@Heart!!


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